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Image Preview gives you a reliable GIF to APNG converter for immediate format conversion. If you need a fast yet free image converter, you have landed at the right place. Benefits of a good image converter are numerous and this one saves your time and money!

Online Convert Animated GIF to APNG Format for free

The great thing about this tool is that it lets you convert a GIF to an APNG all by yourself in a quick and simple manner. You don't have to be a computer expert to quickly change your image file formats, and can have them converting them in just minutes time. It has a friendly interface that lets you easily navigate.

Step by step guide to use GIF to APNG converter:

  1. Select “Choose file” to browse a GIF file that you have to convert from your device.
  2. After uploading the file, click the “convert to aPNG” button.
  3. Give it a few seconds and the converted file will be downloaded on your device.
  4. Repeat the process for unlimited GIF to APNG conversions.
  5. You can also copy-and-paste the image url in the url box. Furthermore, the image can be dragged into the box for upload.

Key Features

  1. Effortless Experience:
  2. Convert GIF to APNG online in just seconds. It works without account creation and needs no email verification. It is 100% free from any subscription.

  3. 100% Reliability:
  4. GIF to APNG image converter assures that the converted files are not stored on our server. In fact, they are downloaded to the device automatically. Moreover, the conversion method is completely encrypted to avoid security breaches.

  5. Best Results:
  6. We understand that image quality is the first and foremost priority. The GIF to APNG converter supports every compression method to give high-quality and swift output. Convert your file and see it for yourself.

Interesting facts about APNG format

APNG stands for Animated Portable Network Graphics. This format is an extension for the PNG file to add animation just like an animated GIF. The animated PNG is based on the PNG file format, but it is specifically intended for use as a lightweight animated image format to improve upon and replace the non-interlaced PNG. Despite the popularity, GIF animations cannot be very long or have lots of colors without the file size becoming extremely large due to limitations in the design. Which is not the case with .apng files, they support a larger range of colors and transparency in the browser.

If you work for social media or website uploading, you must realize how animation has taken the whole experience to a whole new level. Convert your GIFs to APNG in seconds to use advanced animation features. Provide good quality images for better user experience. Web pages support png or apng file format for high-quality display. Our effective tool works quickly and requires no editing experience.

All changes will only be applied to copies of your original images. The benefit of turning files into APNG is that it allows the image to be displayed more accurately with a higher quality shine in browsers. APNG files have support in web browsers including Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Konqueror, and Google Chrome.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can transform your file into apng format in only 3 steps - open our tool, upload the GIF file and click the convert button. The file will be converted and saved on your device within seconds. Benefits and performance of our free image converter cannot be challenged. Start saving your time and money. guarantees safe solutions. The uploaded files on our tools along with the converted files are neither stored on cloud or accessed by other means unlike other online tools. This makes us the most reliable image converter on the internet.

This video to sticker converter by is readily accessible through any browser - regardless of the platform you use i.e. Windows, Apple iOS, Android, Mac, or Linux. Now you do not have to engage in unnecessarily complex steps to use a service.

Our industrial-strength encoder will save time converting file formats for free. Although all your conversions are encrypted, they are never saved on the cloud. Our tool is designed to download your converted file in your device to avoid sharing access to a third party. Your uploaded files are also deleted immediately once the format is changed.

GIF to APNG converter only supports gif format of any size. The conversion should be done within 60 seconds for animated and static GIFs. You don't need to download or install anything on your computer. This saves you time, and you don't put your device at risk.

GIF to APNG converter online has no limitation on the usage. Feel free to convert as many files as you need without any trouble. Enjoy unlimited access for a lifetime. This tool features an intuitive interface that will help you resolve your image format issues fast.