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Multifreetools.com has designed an extremely easy and quick online word counter tool. It helps you identify the exact number of words in the input text of any length. You can also check the accurate number of characters with or without spaces in the text. Whether you write for personal or professional purposes, it is likely that you develop a habit of keeping a track of word count after a while. Now start calculating the exact number of words and characters with our efficient words counter. Keep the word limit in check by this tool.

Keep a track of words - Online Word Counter

Content relevant tasks come with certain guidelines that also include the word count limit. The limit differs for social media content, blog posts, business proposals, academic writing, advertisement etc. For a smaller word count, manual calculation might make sense but still you will only be wasting your time counting each word or character from top every time. Instead we encourage you to use that time productively. In today’s tech-driven era, every digital problem has a potential solution. Benefit from our online free words counter and train yourself against the challenges of limited word count tasks with an automated word calculator.

Step by step guide to use online words counter:

  1. Copy the text that you want to count words for.
  2. Paste the copied text in the box placed at the top of the page.
  3. You can also write the text in the tool.
  4. Click the "count words" button.
  5. The total number of words in the input text instantly.

Key Features

  1. User-friendly interface:
  2. Multifreetools.com is a platform for digital solutions. Locate the article word counter tool without any effort. Open and start calculating the word count right away. No primary verification and no hurdle.

  3. Effortless accessibility:
  4. This AI-based tool can be operated on any browser. Use any device to open the browser and search online word counter by multifreetools.com.

  5. Free of cost:
  6. This tool will not provide you any payment or subscription plan. Unlike other similar tools, it is absolutely free for a life-time. We do not ask for email verification or account creation to begin.

  7. No limit to use:
  8. We have no restriction on the number of processings. This article words counter will show you results for every input text. Paste as much lengthy text and check as many times as you need.

Improve content with word counter

Every social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn has their limited words or characters length for their posts. According to the various surveys and studies, it was proved that the smaller the captions is, the higher will be the engagement. Given that any individual is familiar, they need to create a smaller caption that could be a potential traffic generator.

Get started by creating short captions with our online word counter tool and ensure the word count remains within the limits. This practice will not only train your brain for shorter content but will improve your content ideas. If you love a good brain teaser, this practice can be highly rewarding. This helps you practice the catchy captions that could draw attention of readers.

Text Analyzing word counter Tool by Multi Free Tools

Multifreetools.com is a digital solution provider who has introduced an AI-based word counting tool in your easy approach. Text analyzing tools are basically used to improve the writing of an individual from any field of life. Let's say you are writing long-form content for your submission and you make a mistake in a rush. It will take you much longer to proofread the whole text again. You might be able to identify grammar or spelling errors but you cannot count the words manually.

For a specific word count submission, you will need an automated and simpler way. Paragraph words counter operates within seconds to give you an accurate result. Furthermore, you can also proofread your content for grammatical and spelling mistakes with our spell checker tool. This quick procedure can save you loads of time. Our goal is to become a platform with maximum solutions to your every day digital problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Copy and paste the text you want to count on this tool. Click the count button and get quick results. Get started without any account or email verification.

Words counter by multifreetools.com features a simple interface for good user experience. It does not ask you to pay anything in return for limitless processings. You can use this tool on the browser on any device you have.

If you have writing submissions every now and then, the smart way is to use text analyzing tools for speedy assessment of the article. This tool will help you fulfill the word count limit by showing the exact number of words in your input text.

You can paste as much lengthy content as needed. We do not restrict the text length or the number of processings made in a day. Enjoy this limitless service forever without any charge.

Our online paragraph words counter is useful for every writer. This tool is of great significance for both short and long form text. It helps you ensure that you stay within your required word limit.