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Online JPG to PNG converter readily available at hand by multifreetools. This free tool is fast and efficient for converting your JPEG files to your desired PNG file format. It's an easy-to-use practical image converter that features quite a simple navigation interface.

How to Convert Online JPG Images to PNG Format for free?

Image formatting couldn't be more simple with a JPG to PNG converter online. Our tool uses 2 steps to give you the desired format within seconds. Follow below mentioned instructions to continue:

  • Choose a JPG file:
  • Select your file from your device and upload it. Image URL can also be pasted in the URL box. If the file is at hand, simply drag and drop it on the box.

  • Click "convert to PNG":
  • The tool converts your file format and downloads it on your device automatically. It does not upload your file for security reasons.

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Key Features

  1. Easily Accessible:
  2. is a free tool that is supported by all platforms. Whether you are using Android, iOS, Mac, Linux or Windows. This can be accessed on all browsers without causing any trouble. Moreover, you do not need any account creation to use this tool. Open the tool and start right away.

  3. Fast Processing:
  4. Saving time is the key to better performance. Online JPG to PNG converter by Multi free tools gives you your converted file in no time. An error-free processor is in demand when it comes to fast performance.

  5. Reliable Free Tool:
  6. Every free tool on the internet is not reliable in terms of securing your private data. To resolve this issue, multi free tools has come up with a solution of automatically saving your files into your device rather than uploading it online for download. This makes us the best free JPG to PNG converter online.

  7. Simple Interface:
  8. Do not settle for anything less when you have the best options. Our tool features simple navigation to get you started. No hidden charges, no software installation. It's a ready-to-use image converter.

  9. Best Results:
  10. It comes to mind when formatting an image whether the resolution or quality will be compromised. We promise best results using advanced compressing methodology. The image resolution and quality will not be compromised in the process. You are free to compare the results.

Learn more about JPG to PNG image convertor

There is a different compression process for both these formats. Before changing the formats you should know the difference between a JPG file and a PNG file. Unlike JPG, PNG can support transparent backgrounds and makes it ideal for graphic design. Along with them other file formats such as WebP, apng, Bmp, GIF etc are used for specific purposes. Below are the benefits and uses of PNG and JPG images.

Interesting Facts about PNG

Portable Network Graphics (PNG) supports lossless data compression so quality remains safe every time it is opened, shared or stored. This format is responsible for handling detailed and high-contrast images. Generally these format images are higher in quality as compared to JPG.

Interesting Facts about JPG

Joint Photographic Expert Group (JPEG / JPG), this compressed image format is very popular for being easily shared. It uses lossy compression method to provide you a smaller image size. JPEG files are very easy to store if you face storage problems. They are usually considered for social media posting as the formatting standards are to be followed. Given the compression ratio of 10:1, these files are very compact. You can save thousands of JPG images even in a small memory space.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can convert as many JPG files to PNG files using this tool. No restriction is implied on the number of conversions. In fact you can now convert countless images in a short period of time error-free.

We guarantee your files security. It is our major focus to provide a safe tool to your conversion problems. As our process promises to not store or upload your files online, instead they are simply stored in your downloads once converted.

Yes, we do not ask for your credit card / email details while using the tool. You simply land on the converter and convert as many files as you desire for free. There is no free trial for later subscription.

It's a time taking task if you format your images manually and it could still cause some errors to fulfill your purpose. understands what you are looking for and provides you with a commanded format very fast. We aim to make your life easier.

You should select the free online tools carefully as they can access your files without letting you know. However, your files are not stored on our tool. The uploaded files are deleted right after you leave the page. We do not only offer free services but quality output. This tool gives you simple, fast and secure services. Convert thousands of JPG to PNG online now.