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A professional image cropper tool is forever in demand because what you post matters! Use an intuitive image crop tool to trim your images in a click. Edited photos are automatically saved in your downloads. You can open and use them anytime.

Crop images online. Keep them perfect!

You do not need to resize the image manually when you can get rid of unnecessary details proportionately. This tool gives you balanced composition in simple steps. Here is how you can crop an image online - for free!

  1. Choose a file:
  2. You can either browse the file from your device or copy-paste the image url from the cloud storage. You can also drag the file on the box.

  3. Enter the dimensions:
  4. Put the desired width and height for the image in the provided boxes.

  5. Click "Crop Image":
  6. The tool will crop the image to your chosen dimensions and download the file on your device. You will get a high-quality image with the right aspect ratio and resolution.

Key Features

Images are of significant importance due to a number of reasons. Whether you intend to share them on social media or use them for a professional purpose, a well-defined picture can draw attention. Which is why our image crop tool is designed to trim your images to a perfect angle.

  1. Effortless image cropping:
  2. Cropping allows you to change a photograph’s composition, focus, and shape. Mostly, we are offered a number of images with varying text areas. If you want to adjust the picture and add more text, then you should crop the picture using an online tool. Multi free tools image cropper features easy navigation and quick outputs.

    At times when you take a picture and something that you really wanted to see is cropped off unintentionally. You can’t have your audience see that part of the image so it is always good to crop it out using a photo crop tool.

  3. Define the image purpose:
  4. Most bloggers, content creators and professionals in small projects use them to get rid of the unnecessary elements. This helps draw the focus on the focal point of the picture which is intended to be concentrated on. This is why many content creators prefer this image crop tool over other image editing tools because it allows them to focus on an object or place and make it stand out other than clutter on a background that they do not want.

    Since the main purpose of their work is to increase the focus on a specific area of the image, therefore, cropping becomes rewarding. The power of an online image crop tool lies in its ability to remove unwanted distractions and thus reveal a deeper meaning or story.

  5. Resolve storage issues:
  6. Cropping images is an excellent hack for reducing the file size. For someone who has to accommodate maximum images in small storage, this crop tool could help saving loads of memory space by retouching and cropping irrelevant details.

Crop images online free with Multifreetools

Whether you are looking for the best tool to crop images online for free or want to use an online tool to convert the file from one dimension (width) to another (length), image crop tool by Multifreetools is at service. We are most trusted because this tool does not upload a cropped file online but stores it in your downloads upon completion.

Once the image is cropped, you can avail more editing functions on We have a number of image file formats that could be compatible with your image. Each file format is used for a different purpose. Few most popular formats are JPEG, Webp and PNG. Click the mentioned formats and learn when they are used to choose the right format.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cropping images is super easy and quick with the online image crop tool. Upload your image on the tool, enter the dimensions you need and click the convert button. Your cropped file will be saved in storage in a flash.

This tool supports image or photo files only to crop images.

Image crop tool is free of cost and does not require a sign up. Open the tool on any browser and start cropping as many images as you need.

It is a 100% secure online tool. It operates on every browser whether you have Windows, iOS, Mac or Linux.

This tool keeps the original image quality and streamlines the process for fast results. Now highlighting the best part of the image is no more a hassle. We do not access any personal data while in use. Our vast free services are easily accessible 24/7.