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Now convert WebP to GIF format efficiently. Multi Free Tools is a browser-based effective image converter. This tool features a user-friendly interface to resolve your image format issues. Whether you want a reduced file size or uncompromised image quality, this converter is all you need.

How to convert Webp to GIF format?

Using this webp to gif converter is very simple and easy. It takes only two steps to give you an instant gif format. Compared to text information, GIFs are able to keep the viewer's attention long enough for them to absorb the message. GIFs are faster, smaller and better. Follow the below instructions to convert your WebP file.

A step by step guide to use WebP to GIF converter:

  1. Click “Choose file” and select a WebP file for conversion from your device.
  2. When the file uploads, click the “convert to GIF” button.
  3. In a short while the converted file will be downloaded on your device.
  4. Repeat the procedure for unlimited WebP to GIF conversions.
  5. For your ease you can copy-and-paste the file url into the url box. Or you can simply drag the image into the box.

Learn more about Webp to GIF converter is a platform to convert image formats online from one file type to another. We watch over your privacy and confidential data which makes us the best converter tool. As part of this process, any sort of registration or email is not required. Since we offer our service through a browser, it does not matter whether you use Windows, Apple iOS, Android or Linux. Convert your WebP to GIF online in seconds. Also explore other formats in our listing such as JPEG, PNG, apng and more.

If you are new to this tool, prepare to get used to this handy converter. It happens to be an efficient way to eliminate format compatibility issues. This online converter is the safest and fastest platform for Webp to GIF conversion. The benefits of a good image converter are numerous as it saves your time.

Key Features

  1. Good Quality:
  2. understands that image quality is the first and foremost priority. Therefore, this gives you a decent possible resolution. It supports both lossy and lossless compression methods for enhanced conversion speed.

  3. Fast & Easy:
  4. The process is easier and faster. does not ask for your credit card details or any subscription process. Avail the services free of cost anytime from anywhere. We are 100% free, with no charges/hidden fees, no contracts and absolutely no obligations.

  5. 100% Secure:
  6. We delete the uploaded Webp files instantly and do not store the converted file. Whereas your uploaded files and conversions are secured with an advanced level of SSL encryption.

  7. Cloud-based Platform:
  8. This tool is cloud-based which means you don't have to install any software at your end. All Webp to GIF conversions are made in the cloud and do not use any computer resources.

More about GIF

The GIF also known as Graphics Interchange Format file format has made a real breakthrough and is now one of the most widely used formats on the Internet. The unique features of GIF contributed to its success in different domains. GIF is a lightweight and flexible file format for sending and receiving graphics on websites and other software applications. It is known to display moving images on a web page or in an email. Create your GIFs now with WebP to GIF converter by

More about WebP

WebP is a picture format that Google developed internally in 2010. It was released in 2010 as WebM, to be abbreviated. Due to the copyright claim of the WebM project, they released it under the new name WebP in 2011. Compared with other picture formats, WebP has a file size that is 30-35% smaller than PNG, JPG and BMP, while retaining quality equal to them. It also supports progressive loading that loads pictures smoothly like GIF, but at a speed closer to JPEG. If you are using images on your site or blog with animations, use Smart WebP for faster loading.

Frequently Asked Questions

Use to convert multiple image file formats to another for free. It’s a 2 step process to get your desired format in the best quality. This tool supports every compression methodology to work effectively. Simply upload the .webp file on the tool and press the convert button. Your converted format file will be saved into your downloads once completed.

Format conversion now became simpler with a browser-based format conversion tool. Now you can start converting just by using your web browser. is an online format conversion system that allows anyone to easily convert a type of document into another type of file. Use it without any installation or sign-up.

The speedy online converter takes a few seconds to convert and download the file on your device itself.

Yes, this tool is 100% safe and guarantees file privacy protection. In fact, no files are stored online to protect your private data. Unlike other tools, this WebP to GIF converter does not get your email details. This is the simplest and safest image conversion tool online.

Use our WebP to GIF online converter without paying anything. As much as the GIF is an optical element, it has various uses. GIFs are perfect animations supported by web browsers and they're extremely easy to parse. This format can be a great way to show the benefits or describe product arts or the main bundle component quickly, efficiently and in an impressive way. This simple file format could capture the web audience's interest and get millions of shares on social media.