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Image Preview is a free browser-based tool that helps with the format conversion easily. You can convert images from PNG to JPG file format within a snap of a finger. Whether you need to reduce the file size of an PNG image or make it widely compatible, this tool helps you get the job done in no time.

How to use the PNG to JPG converter?

  • Choose a PNG file:
  • Select the file from your device you want to convert. If you have the file on your hands, simply drag-and-drop it on the box. You can also copy and paste the url of the file in the url box.

  • Click "convert to JPEG":
  • The tool will begin to convert the PNG file to JPG format using the lossy compressor method. It will take a few seconds to automatically convert and download the file on your device. No extra step is needed to download the converted file.

Learn more about the PNG to JPG image converter

Focus of multi free tools save you time in custom formatting your images. It seems more sensible to let this free tool take care of formatting so you can utilize that time productively instead. This converter is ideal if you face strict standards on file size limits of some applications.

This tool does not have any limitation of conversion number. You can transform countless images error-free. We nearly support all image formats. Plus, you do not have to download any software or subscribe to any package to avail our services.

Key Features

  1. No account needed:
  2. Multi free tools do not ask for creating an account to use the services. Open the tool, select PNG to JPG converter, upload the file and you are done.

  3. Best compression results:
  4. uses advanced compressors that do not damage the image quality. Whereas, other free tools might not give you the expected results.

  5. All platform supported:
  6. Multi free tools work on every single platform i.e. Android, iOS, Mac, Windows or Linux. All you need is a running internet connection. Convert PNG to JPG and various other formats anywhere. Our listing includes Webp, GIF, PDF, apng and more.

  7. Safest online tool:
  8. When you upload your images on other tools, they store them for a specific window of time. However, we realize the privacy and do not hold your private files on our tool. When the file is converted, it is saved on the device. You do not have to provide any email or access it online.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can convert your image format in 2 steps only. Upload your image or paste the url and click the convert button. The converted file will download itself on your device.

JPEG image files are much smaller in size as compared to PNG format. They are preferred for social media, blogs and even to store on any device. JPG files are considered more practical due to compressed size. This makes them easy to store or export. It is widely used as it maintains image quality in smaller sizes.

Use this tool and forget any bad experiences that happened in the past. Multi free tools provide best image quality after conversion.

It does not take more than a few seconds to convert the file.

No PNG and JPG are different image formats. Both are used for entirely different purposes. It is important to understand different file formats and how they are used in most digital platforms.